Geles Cabrera: Mexico’s First Female Sculptor

8 September, 2018

Geles Cabrera: Mexico’s First Female Sculptor
Geles Cabrera
September 08 – November 18, 2018
Curator: Pedro Reyes

I first encountered the work of Geles Cabrera in books: anthologies of Mexican sculpture published in the 1960s, where her work is reproduced in black and white. In my search for more information, I found the phone number of the Geles Cabrera Sculpture Museum. I dialed it, and to my great surprise, Geles herself answered. When we agreed to meet, who could have known that it would be the beginning of a lovely friendship? Conversing with Geles is truly a treat, and since that initial meeting, I visit her weekly. Guests often join me, and they are quickly drawn into our personal “Geles Cabrera fan club”. At one of these get-togethers, the idea came up of an exhibition to spotlight the diversity and evolution of the work she has produced steadily for the past 70 years.

It is especially relevant that the work of Geles Cabrera is being shown in El Eco Experimental Museum, given that in 1957 she exhibited here, and now, 60 years later, we are able to be a part of her return visit. We sincerely hope that this exhibit brings the work of Geles Cabrera to new audiences. It is meant to be a well-deserved survey of a creative oeuvre that has been overlooked and that will surely will find a place in the hearts of lovers of sculpture today.

Pedro Reyes, curator

Geles Cabrera: Mexico’s First Female Sculptor