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Over sixty years after the emergence of Concrete Poetry, the Museo Experimental el Eco proposes the publication of a series of serigraphy collections that inquire onto the evolution of this movement —of which Mathias Goeritz formed part— and the ways in which its initial postulates permeated through to contemporary culture.

The Eco Editions Club (Club de Ediciones Eco) is a fundraising project intended to support publishing projects that encourage the dissemination and preservation of art and culture, following its mission to expand historical and critical research around Mathias Goeritz, his context, legacy, and relevance. This Club is conformed by 30 members interested in art, collections, and in supporting the national cultural institutions. In return for an annual donation (tax deductible with a receipt from Fundación UNAM), each member of the Club will obtain a folder with graphic art from renowned modern and contemporary artists who explore the legacy and relevance of Concrete Poetry.


The first edition is conformed by a collection of 8 serigraphs from different artists, who through their trajectories have explored graphic media and have used the written word and language as components for their work.

List of artists and works that conform the first collection:
Augusto de Campos, lygia fingers, 1956

Natalie Czech, A Small Bouquet by Frank O’Hara, 2012

Pedro Friedeberg, Escuchado en el metro, 2012

Karl Holmqvist, untitled (XOXO), 2012

Magali Lara, sin título (de la serie Kafka y la cama), 1998

Clemente Padín, Sinographic V, 1968

Laureana Toledo, sin título, 1997

Roberto Turnbull, sin título, 2013

The print run consists of 30 editions for sale, plus 11 author proofs, donated one for each artist, and three to the collection of the Centro de Documentación Arkheia and the Museo Experimental el Eco.

The 8 serigraphs are printed on 300 gram fabriano paper, and 4 text serigraphs printed on 200 gram fabriano academia paper.

The collection contains a certificate from DIGAV, UNAM.

The editing and printing of this collection was conducted by Macarena Hernández Estrada y Mauricio Marcin Álvarez. Publishing design was conducted by Jesús Cruz Caba.

Information contacts:
(+52 55) 55354351
(+52 55) 55355186

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