Echoes of Echoes of Echoes

My Barbarian

09 August, 2010 - 12 September, 2010

The video/performance project for El Eco by the Los Angeles-based collective My Barbarian is a reverberation, created in the spaces of Mathias Goeritz’s “Emotional Architecture.”  A series of echoes of past events and historical moments will be harmonized in the forms of enacted and recorded actions and scenarios, composed and performed on sites including the Museo El Eco and the Espacio Escultórico, in collaboration with the members of My Barbarian and local artist participants.  In the spirit of Goeritz’s ideology, the pieces echo the stated intention that El Eco would be “a meeting point to experience artistic creation freely and convivially. […] an open and transformable space: experimental museum, art gallery, theater.”  The process of working, including composition, installation, audition, rehearsal and video-taping, will be on view to the public, August 9-22.  After the two-week residency, the group will leave a temporary in-process installation from Aug 22-Sept 4.  On Saturday, September 4, My Barbarian will return to make a final performance and installation, themed around the concept of vibration, which will be on view until the museum until September 12.


ECO #1 TITLE: Producing Collectivity / Collective Production.

LOCATION: Museo Experimental El Eco / Espacio Escultórico 

Echoing Goeritz’s interest in collective production, My Barbarian composes while on view in the main gallery of El Eco, an on-site, abstract meditation on the relationship between Aztec ruins and Marxist melancholy. There will be a live performance at Espacio Escultórico at the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, August 19 at 12pm: The composition will be performed live as it is taped in this outdoor space. An audience may gather.


ECO #2 TITLE: The Special Space / The Spatial Trace. 

LOCATION: Museo El Eco Bar

Re-creating a lesbian bar that took place on the premises of El Eco in the 1950s, My Barbarian will collaborate with Mexico City-based performers, including Las Reinas Chulas, on a loose cinematic narrative that explores what it might have meant to carve out a place for women to meet for friendship, sex, revelry, and the formation of a political identity.  The resultant video will be installed above the bar in September.


ECO #3 TITLE: Plural Mural / Halted Movement.  

LOCATION: Museo El Eco, Main Gallery.

Using a painted green screen, a lighting setup and a video camera, a video mural based in part on Juan O’Gorman’s UNAM Library mosaic, will be created.  The figures will be members of the public (selected by My Barbarian), collaborating artists (featuring Galia Eibenschutz), and performers (dancers, musicians, street performers), selected through auditions y My Barbarian. All the participants will be collaged into a mural design pattern and projected onto the wall of the main room El Eco. 


ECO #4 TITLE: Non-Western (Backdrop).  

LOCATION: Sala Mont, Museo El Eco. 

Looped projection of My Barbarian’s video, Non-Western (Backdrop), 2008, 40 mins.  The video serves to accompany the performance Non-Western, parts of which will be occasionally and intermittently performed by My Barbarian while working at El Eco. Set to music, the video shows Spanish song lyrics across backdrops shot in Los Angeles neighborhoods such as Echo Park, Boyle Heights, Highland Park, and other areas with a strong Mexican influence.


ECO #5 TITLE: Echo of Echoes / Ecos de los Ecos.  

LOCATION: Museo El Eco. 

A closing performance and video installation will be presented by My Barbarian at El Eco, in response to the exhibition material developed over the last month.


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